Pentegra :: Kevin Killian Joins Pentegra Retirement Services



White Plains, New York, June 2010

Kevin Killian has joined Pentegra Retirement Services as Vice President, Director of BOLI, announced Robert C. Albanese, Pentegra Retirement Services President and CEO.

He brings more than 30 years of industry expertise to Pentegra-with a background that not only includes in-depth knowledge of the banking community, but also the executive compensation arena. Stated Mr. Albanese, "Many of our clients already know Kevin-for over 20 years he was a banker in New Jersey and held various management positions
with several institutions as CFO and/or President. For the past nine years, Kevin was a Partner at BFS Group in Princeton, NJ, a firm specializing in supplemental benefits for top executives and directors and bank owned life insurance (BOLI)."

Mr. Killian will be instrumental in developing and marketing Pentegra's Benefits Financing Advantage program, a unique approach to the acquisition and management of bank owned life insurance for community-based financial institutions. His expertise will be integral in working with our clients to design customized strategies for benefit enhancement financed through BOLI programs that not only help to offset the cost of employee benefit programs, but also improve the bank's bottom line.

Kevin may be contacted at 800-872-3473, x422 or email

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