As a multiple employer program, we offer numerous economies of scale and access to plan resources, features and benefits typically reserved for only the largest corporate and public organizations, all at an affordable cost.

As a multiple employer plan, only a single plan audit, 5500 filing and plan document are required for the entire plan. What does this mean for your clients? The Pentegra Advantedge(k)SM eliminates costly plan audit fees, and offers relief from individual Form 5500 filings and government reporting. It also means that each time that legislation is passed and plan amendments are required, the plan is amended on behalf of each employer. That results in considerable cost savings for your clients.

What's more, the Pentegra Advantedge(k)SM offers an investment platform with built-in fee disclosure, and a solution to help you navigate fee disclosure requirements. Our plan fee structure keeps costs transparent, for you and your clients.