Pentegra :: Private Label Retirement Plans



The Pentegra Private Label Advantage offers a unique alliance opportunity through which a financial institution can provide a full service retirement product for your commercial customers.

CONSIDER THIS: Commercial customers often represent an important part of your business. Do you offer retirement plan services tailored to their specific needs? It's easier than you think to structure and outsource the management of this important benefit.

With the Pentegra Private Label Retirement Advantage, you can offer your customers a more comprehensive array of financial services - and the added benefit of fee income from non-traditional revenue sources with no investment in infrastructure, no securities or licensing fees, and complete control over branding and distribution.

Retirement plans for your customers backed by 65+ years of expertise. That's an advantage.

Learn more about Pentegra's Private-Label Retirement Plans:

We understand your unique relationship with your clients and the need for that relationship to always remain at the forefront. With the Pentegra Private Label Retirement Advantage, our relationship is with you. You can rely on the expertise we bring to this relationship to enhance your business.


Our expertise becomes your expertise.

Pentegra's Private Label Retirement program is tailored to work in conjunction with your current client service practice. Our expertise becomes your expertise - we provide you with direct access to our team of retirement plan professionals who make managing the details of sponsoring a successful retirement program simple and easy.

Having a dedicated team of experts in your corner. That's an advantage.

Comprehensive Services

  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Plan Design & Document Support
  • Administration & Recordkeeping
  • Plan Consulting
  • Plan Compliance
  • Government Filings & Tax Reporting
  • Fiduciary Services
  • Plan Audit Services
  • Legal Services
  • Investment Management
  • Employer Stock Services
  • Trustee Services
  • Education & Communications
  • Pentegra Online 24/7 Sponsor & Participant Account Access