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CONSIDER THIS: You may want to consider integrating company stock with your Profit Sharing Plan to maximize the benefit to your employees. You'll want to be sure that your employees understand and appreciate all aspects of the benefit plan you are providing.

At Pentegra, we create retirement plans that work for you and your employees. Our fully bundled Profit Sharing Plan programs can help you attract and retain the employees needed to make your business a success. Pentegra offers flexible Profit Sharing Plan design options to meet your benefit and cost objectives - whatever your goals. Our industry insight and expertise can help you build a competitive advantage.

Retirement plans backed by 65+ years of expertise. That's an advantage.

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Our comprehensive approach delivers all of the services you need from a single provider - offering a better value for your retirement investment

  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Plan Design & Document Support
  • Administration & Recordkeeping
  • Plan Consulting
  • Plan Compliance
  • Government Filings & Tax Reporting
  • Fiduciary Services
  • Plan Audit Services
  • Legal Services
  • Investment Management
  • Employer Stock Services
  • Trustee Services
  • Education & Communications
  • Pentegra Online 24/7 Sponsor & Participant Account Access


We offer something truly unique in the retirement plan industry - the ability to completely outsource primary fiduciary responsibility for the management of a retirement program - something no other provider that we know of offers.

Pentegra offer two unique ways to help you with fiduciary responsibilities:

  • Full Fiduciary Protection through our unique multiple employer plan. Under Pentegra's multiple employer plan - the Pentegra Defined Contribution Plan for Financial Institutions - our President and Board of Directors relieve you and your Board of the primary fiduciary liabilities associated with sponsoring a retirement program.
  • Investment Fiduciary Protection through Pentegra's Single Employer 401(k) Programs. Here, Pentegra can relieve you, the plan sponsor, of the responsibility for due diligence and ongoing monitoring of plan investments.



Pentegra offers a flexible approach to investing, free of proprietary funds, which means that you can select the platform that's best for you and your participants.

  • Investment platform with recommended select list of active and passive fund options
  • Institutionally-managed collective trust indexed fund platform
  • True open architecture platform with access to over 12,000 funds from more than 300 fund families
  • Comprehensive company stock capabilities
  • Bank or credit union CDs as a plan investment option
  • Asset allocation and Target Date portfolios with both age and risk based strategies
  • Self-directed brokerage account with a choice of over 2,000 mutual funds from over 300 fund families as well as individual securities