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Pension, Retirement & Markets: 5 Key Trends to Watch in 2020

Pension, Retirement and Markets: 5 Key Trends to Watch in 2020 highlights five trends in the capital markets and retirement industry which are expected to impact pension sponsors and retirees this year. U.S. Equity Market What are some cautionary signs in 2020 after the 2019…

Pensions, Retirement & Markets: 5 Key Trends to Watch in 2021

Join us as we kick off the 2021 PENTalkTM series with our 5th annual Pensions, Retirement and Markets installment: 5 Key Trends to Watch in 2021. We’ll share insights highlighting five trends in the capital markets and retirement industry which are expected to impact pension…

What 401(k) RESA Legislation Means for MEPs and PEPs

By Pete Swisher, CFP®, CPC, TGPC Senior Vice President, Pentegra Retirement Services By now the retirement industry recognizes that MEPs will play an expanded role in the future of the U.S. retirement system. The question for most retirement specialists is what to do about it….

The Federal Government May Be Getting Serious About Retirement – Finally

…defined benefit to defined contribution models. A comprehensive review of private retirement coverage, individual and household accounts balances, investment trends, costs and net returns, and retention and distribution during retirement. A comprehensive review of societal trends, including wage growth, economic growth, unique small business challenges,…

How Are RoboAdvisors Changing the Investment Industry?

…grow. RoboAdvisors can offer a wide range of investment choices (including actively managed and niche assets), portfolio optimization and frequent portfolio rebalancing. However, there are a number of potential downsides and caveats with respect to RoboAdvisors: Lack of Transparency: There is no industry standard regarding…

Five Key Concerns for Retirement Plans in 2020

…As retirement plan providers and advisor-partners, it is incumbent upon our industry to remind plan sponsors of these responsibilities. In some cases, outsourcing these fiduciary responsibilities might be an even better solution. Distraction. This can be a significant contributing factor to litigation. As a recent…

It’s Always a Good Time to Rethink Retirement Strategies

Question: “When is it time to rethink your strategy?” Answer: “Always!” Self-evident? Perhaps, but a recent PwC study entitled “Retirement in America: Time to Rethink and Retool” provides some intriguing insights into where our industry stands now, and what it can do to improve the…

Lifetime Income Illustrations

The primary and, arguably, only reason individuals invest in defined contribution (DC) plans is to eventually have adequate income for retirement. Until recently, it seems the retirement industry has lost sight of that end goal. Many of the machinations of plan committees, plan advisors and

A Brave New Digital World

…messages, and websites. Acting as a fiduciary for most of the clients we do business with in the ERISA 3(16) marketplace, we have had a keen interest in this topic for the past few years – and we are big proponents of the new rule,….