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Safe. Stable. Secure. A Tax Advantaged Retirement Plan with Guarantees

There are two important financial challenges faced by business owners: reducing tax liability and saving for future retirement.  This guide will address both.   

If you own your own business, want to pay less taxes, want to protect your assets from the reach of creditors and want to accomplish these things without market risk, then you need to step onto a path long established but under-utilized by today’s business owners. That is the path of a fully insured tax-qualified retirement plan. 

This guide explores fully insured defined benefit plans, the large tax deductible contributions and substantial guaranteed benefits they can provide.  Going one step further the book also explores reducing the tax on those funds when they are distributed in the future.

 Read the eBook version here, 412(e)(3). Safe. Stable. Secure. A Tax-Advantaged Retirement Plan with Guarantees

About the Author

Mary Read

Mary Read CPC, QPA has more than 30 years of experience supporting financial advisors and designing and establishing qualified plans for closely held businesses.  Read is  a frequent speaker and contributor to financial industry publications, teaches  pension classes for financial professionals of major financial institutions,  and has been a featured speaker at national meetings for the Society of Financial Service Professionals, the Association for Advanced Underwriting (AALU), LIMRA, Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) and the Form 400.   She is the National Director of Qualified Plan Marketing for Pentegra.