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Rapid Pace of Legislation in 2020 Could Be Eclipsed by This Year’s

…in some quarters – and the fact that the Democratic party now controls both houses of Congress as well as the chief executive chair could bode well for SSRA and other legislative efforts in the retirement savings sector. Already Biden has signed an executive order…

Tales of 401(k) Administration Gone Awry – Part 1

…a new executive at a company with about 250 employees, who acted as a kind of CFO/payroll office manager combination, but who didn’t have a lot of experience with retirement plans. The firm’s benefits had a 90-day requirement for eligibility; its 401(k) plan document also…

Thinking of Taking a Loan from Your 401(k)? Not So Fast!

…Senior Vice President of Client Services at Pentegra Retirement Services, a leading provider of retirement planning services to financial institutions and organizations nationwide, founded by the Federal Home Loan Bank System in 1943. Rausser oversees consulting, BOLI, actuarial, communications, and marketing practice groups at Pentegra….

Five Key Concerns for Retirement Plans in 2019

…There appears to be no shortage of federal legislation being considered that could have major impacts on the retirement plan industry. The White House has issued an Executive Order that seeks the removal of some of the obstacles to certain types of open multiple employer…

Administering Your Own Plan: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

As many people are aware, serving as the fiduciary or plan administrator for your company’s retirement plan can be a tricky business indeed. After all, most company executives have other bits of business to tend to besides making sure they fully understand their legal duties…

Why is Tax Reform So Difficult?

Among the key initiatives scheduled to be taken up by Congress and the executive branch this year is Tax Reform. While most people have been in favor of making the US tax code “better”, it has been a very difficult task to accomplish. In fact,…

The Fiduciary Standards Conversation is Just Beginning

…current fiduciary law and the country’s options with respect to standards of care, see my paper “Blueprint for a Universal Fiduciary Standard of Care in the U.S. Financial Services Industry,” published in the New York University Review of Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation in 2017….

Pension Plans as Shareholders

…City Pension Funds are headed by the city’s Comptroller. Public pension proxy voting guidelines have included Board diversity, executive pay packages tied to company performance, human rights and environmental responsibility. In 2015, the New York City funds sponsored 28 shareholder proposals at Fortune 250 companies….