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Cross Tested Plans

…presumably “key” employees, while younger, and/or lower paid employees receive a lower percentage of the total employer contribution to the plan. New Comparability plans are typically designed to benefit owners and key employees over rank and file employees, and can be used if the employer

Which Types of 403(b) Plans Are Subject to ERISA?

…in order to claim an exemption from ERISA: Participation must be voluntary. All rights under the annuity contracts or custodial accounts must be enforceable by the employee or beneficiary (not the employer.) Involvement of the employer must be limited to certain restricted activities. The employer

The Uncertain Future of the PBGC

…about 826,000 retirees of 4,700 terminated DB pension plans. Including those who have not yet retired and participants in multiemployer plans receiving financial assistance, PBGC is responsible for the current and future pension benefits of about 1.5 million people. Its single-employer program protects 30 million…

Fumbling the Fiduciary Ball

As we talked about in our last blog, lots of problems can arise when an employer fails to read his plan document, and/or to completely understand it. The reasons for this are manifold, but here are a few examples of the problems that can result…

The SECURE Act Has Finally Passed – What Does It Mean? (Part One)

…provisos in detail. As part of its aim to expand and preserve savings, the Act authorizes open multiple-employer plans (MEPs), providing small businesses the opportunity to more effectively pool their resources to offer a retirement plan that is cost effective and administratively simpler. (More about…

What is Non-Discrimination Testing?

…If an employer sponsors more than one qualified retirement plan the contributions for each plan must be aggregated to determine the total contributions for the year. WHAT ARE THE 415 LIMITATIONS FOR DEFINED CONTRIBUTION PLANS? The plan is usually defined as the sum of: Employer

Five Key Concerns for Retirement Plans in 2019

…There appears to be no shortage of federal legislation being considered that could have major impacts on the retirement plan industry. The White House has issued an Executive Order that seeks the removal of some of the obstacles to certain types of open multiple employer

A Different Kind of GoP

While Pooled Employer Plans (PEPs) and Multiple Employer Plans (MEPs) got the lion’s share of attention last year with the passage of the SECURE Act (Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement) – and understandably so – another type of plan is also gaining traction…

SECURE – What It Can Mean for Small Businesses

…meaning that, in the long run, we should see more new plans being formulated. Further, SECURE authorizes open multiple-employer plans (MEPs) along with pooled employer plans (PEPs) – which provides small businesses the opportunity to more effectively pool their resources to offer a retirement plan…

What Is The Difference Between A 401(k) Plan And A 403(b) Plan?

…is the level of employer involvement. If a plan falls under ERISA there is a significant amount of employer involvement that is necessary. The employer chooses the types of investments option based on what is best for the plan and sends the payments to the…

Executive Benefit And Director Plans 101

…Because there are no coverage, eligibility or participation requirements, an employer can decide to provide nonqualified deferred compensation benefits only to a select group of executive or highly compensated employees. This allows the employer to provide rewards and incentives based on an employee-by-employee approach, offering…