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Five Key Concerns for Retirement Plans in 2019

…which usually refers to instances where a plan fiduciary acts in its own – rather than its participants’ — best interests when administering a plan. “The 401(k) plans sponsored by over 40 financial firms – including most of the largest companies in this sector –…

Credit Unions: Make Sure You Know Your Fiduciary

…a 3(16) fiduciary acts as the sole plan administrator, and therefore is responsible for managing the plan’s day-to-day operations. A 3(38) fiduciary can only be a bank, insurance company, or registered investment adviser; here the plan sponsor hands over authority to the 3(38) fiduciary to…

Monetizing The SECURE Act

…guidance on how to best evaluate these programs and optimally align programs with opportunities. Learn more about the pros and cons of each type of design and how to best meet the needs of the enterprise recordkeeping partner to the investment manager and individual advisor….

Building A Better 401(K) – Part Two

A blog by Richard Rausser, CPC, QPA, QKA, Senior Vice President – October 11, 2014 In my last blog I discussed the benefits of the new Pentegra SmartPath™, a tool that offers a series of progressive plan design metrics crafted in a way to best

2nd Quarter 2013 Economic & Market Review

…Growth stocks performed best among small- and mid-sized companies for the quarter. Value stocks, however, have performed best among large- and midcaps for the year-to-date and most recent 12-months through June 30, 2013. International developed markets erased April gains and ended the quarter down (-0.9%…

The Millennial Mindset

…Even email is passé. Instant messaging within the office is now the preferred way of communicating with the millennial generation. But just because they may not want to communicate traditionally doesn’t mean that millennials don’t want help understanding retirement benefits and how to best utilize…

Of Course Your Clients are Fiduciaries

…behalf of the plan. Some number of plan sponsors don’t know this even though we try to do our best to make this clear. There are real and serious consequences for them and for your relationship with them if they don’t execute their role well….

It’s All About Relationships

…we focus on how we reduce complexity, how we reduce risk and how we deliver a great relationship – all things that differentiate us best. It’s no surprise that many of the people and companies we meet find it difficult to understand the vocabulary and

Managing An Aging Parent’s Finances

…lead in many family conversations. Openly discussing finances can be daunting at the best of times, for both sides, and involves a considerable level of trust when talking about the child taking over the parent’s assets. It’s a kind of role reversal, but those talks…