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Aligning Plan Design with Client Goals

…need. Plan designs can vary in important ways. For example, depending on the plan: contributions can be discretionary or mandatory. They can favor older employees over younger ones. They can accumulate a balance like a 401k or a promised benefit as in defined benefit plan….

Taking Steps to Improve Your Fiduciary Position

…gains for investors. Still, compliance remained for many a nebulous area; after all, most if not all firms claim to be acting in their clients’ “best interests” in the first place. A recent study by investment consulting firm Callan, “2018 Defined Contribution Trends,” reports: Plan…

Pensions, Retirement and Markets: Five Questions for 2020

…June to 1.24% in December. While defined benefit pension plans generally suffered declines in their funded ratios due to the fall in longer term interest rates, the recent stabilization in rates, along with the market rally, have helped stem the drop in their funded status….