Pentegra Tamus

How to get started

To open a new TDA/ORP account, please complete section 1.


Section 1: To participate in the TDA or ORP with Pentegra, please complete the following steps:


Please continue to section 2 if you already have a TDA/ORP account and would like to exchange or transfer that account into your new Pentegra account


Section 2: Fill Out and Return the Following Forms


Changing the ORP vendor via Workday will only change the future contributions. If an employee wants to transfer their existing funds, that will still be done using the HR 16 form as before. The next deduction date will be the first of the month following the change, which is the earnings date. It will not come out of your paycheck until you receive your paycheck the next month.


Additional retirement forms can be found here:


*Please email, fax or mail the Pentegra enrollment application to:



ATTN: 403(b) Services


Regular Mail or Overnight Delivery

Pentegra Trust Company

c/o Pentegra Retirement Services

ATTN: 403(b) Services

701 Westchester Avenue Suite 320

White Plains, NY 10604