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About Pentegra

Unparalleled Governance
Founded by the Federal Home Loan Bank System in 1943, we do not answer to shareholders, we answer to our clients. Our boards of directors are made up of our clients, Presidents and CEOs, who use our services and place their own futures in our hands. Our Boards serve with excellence and the highest ethical standards and set the very same ones for our organization.


Unmatched Fiduciary Protection
With a legacy built serving as an institutional fiduciary, Pentegra offers a level of fiduciary protection that is unmatched in the industry. We deliver an unrivaled level of oversight and accept a higher level of responsibility. Our fiduciary heritage shapes our culture.


No Conflicts of Interest
We are not a “Wall Street” firm, or owned by a larger financial services organization, mutual fund or insurance company. As an independent organization, governed by our clients, our focus is to enhance the value of our clients. We partner with firms as a trusted resource to bring an objective perspective and maximum flexibility to every opportunity—to deliver the very best solution for clients.


Client-driven Culture
We were founded by our clients, are owned by our clients, and governed by our clients – simply, we exist for our clients. When we say we are “client driven,” it is not an empty marketing tagline, it’s our DNA. Our solutions begin and end with each client’s real life needs, objectives and goals. Today, we have more than 100 clients who have been with us for over 30 years and maintain a 98% client retention rate.


Deep Expertise and Bench Strength
Our team is comprised of highly-skilled professionals—ERISA attorneys, Enrolled Actuaries, Certified Plan Consultants and specialists in investments, education and compliance. The advantage—access to multiple experts guided by a relationship management team that eases the way for you.

Comprehensive Solutions
Whether you are a financial advisor seeking a fiduciary outsourcing retirement solution for your clients, a client seeking a benefits financing solution to fund an executive benefit plan, or an institutional investor looking for help with your balance sheet, our structure and collaborative culture enable us to align our full resources behind your needs. We deftly draw on our collective resources and team of highly skilled professionals to create exceptional client solutions.

Why Choose Pentegra

Our Difference
Pentegra was founded in 1943 and offers more than 75 years of experience providing retirement plan services to financial institutions, corporations, municipalities, non-profit organizations and educational institutions.

Today, with nearly $15 billion in assets under management, we serve more than 100,000 participants nationwide.

We believe retirement plan solutions should be as individual as you are. At Pentegra, we recognize the diverse needs of every participant and work closely with plan sponsors, participants and advisors to develop personalized 403(b) solutions that help everyone achieve their retirement goals.

As an independent retirement provider, Pentegra’s unique approach to 403(b) plan management offers a distinct advantage. Our independent approach means that participants can work with their choice of independent advisors as well as investment funds to structure the best retirement program for your needs, with no proprietary fund requirements or minimum investment.

Investment Choice
At Pentegra, we understand that investment flexibility is important to participants. When it comes to retirement, you want choice. That’s why we offer access to thousands of investment funds, with no minimum investment or proprietary fund requirements. Our customized approach is designed to help you and your advisor build a plan based on what you think is important, not us.

Independent Advisors for an Unbiased Approach
Pentegra partners with local, independent, investment advisors. Our partner advisors are registered investment fiduciaries who are obligated by law to put the best interests of their clients first. They will work with you to design a plan that works for your individual goals and situation. Their services are always provided in a fee-based, objective, commission-free environment.

Awards & honors

Pentegra. 75 Years of Success
Pentegra is a leading provider of retirement plan, fiduciary outsourcing and institutional investment solutions to clients nationwide. Today, with more than $13 billion in assets under management, we invite you to be part of our story and share our more than 75 years of expertise. Click here to view our 75 Year Retrospective


Industry Designations & Endorsements. One More Honor. One More Advantage
As an institutional fiduciary, we have important safeguards in place to ensure that your solution is administered according to the highest and most secure standards. In addition, we undergo annual SOC 1 and SOC 2 audits and our third party administration (TPA) operations are CEFEX certified by the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence, providing assurance that we have demonstrated adherence to the best practices in the industry.


Our solutions have earned the endorsement of trade organizations nationwide:

  • Pentegra’s qualified retirement plan solutions have earned the exclusive endorsement of the American Bankers Association through its affiliate Corporation for American Banking
  • Pentegra’s qualified retirement plan solutions have been selected as the exclusive Preferred Partner for credit unions by NAFCU Services Corporation. One more honor. One more advantage


Pentegra’s qualified retirement programs have also earned the exclusive endorsement of

  • Florida Bankers Association (BancServ)
  • Independent Bankers Association of New York State
  • Louisiana Bankers Association
  • New Jersey Bankers Association
  • North Carolina Bankers Association
  • Ohio Bankers League
  • Pennsylvania Association of Community Bankers
  • Texas Bankers Association
  • West Virginia Bankers Association
  • Western Independent Bankers
  • Wyoming Bankers Association
  • Community Bankers Association of Georgia


Pentegra is a member of Alliance Benefit Group (ABG), a national network of independently owned retirement plan consulting, health and welfare consulting and benefits administration firms. The group’s unique structure allows each member organization to maintain its independence and autonomy, yet at the same time provides each firm with access to a variety of competitive products, technical support and best practice service collaboration with member firms. Collectively, ABG is one of the largest independent retirement plan service providers in the nation, delivering administration, recordkeeping and consulting services to more than 20,000 plans and over $70 billion in assets. ABG is able to deliver economies of scale and negotiate pricing for services from a more competitive standpoint by leveraging the buying power of its collective resources.


Committed to Community Service
Pentegra is a Corporate Champion and strategic impact partner and supporter of Volunteer New York. The mission of Volunteer New York is to inspire, mobilize and equip individuals and groups to take positive action to address pressing challenges, support nonprofits, and strengthen the quality of life in our community. Through its partnership with Volunteer New York, Pentegra’s employees have participated in meaningful community outreach efforts. Visit our Service Project Page


Corporate Citizenship Award
Pentegra continuously strives to build strong relationships with Westchester County and New York City-based nonprofits and organizations and is strongly committed to community services. Pentegra will join the Business Council of Westchester County 2019 Hall of Fame when it receives the award for Corporate Citizenship. Click here to read more about the award.