Pentegra Txtech

How to get started

To open a new TDA/ORP account, please complete section 1


Section 1: To participate in the TDA or ORP with Pentegra, please complete the following steps:

  • Sign into Retirement Manager and complete the enrollment event

Enrollment for ORP will be handled through the Retirement Manager System

      1. Under the “My Savings Manager” section, choose Start or Change my Contributions (There are instructions on each screen to guide you)
      2. Select a plan, Optional Retirement Plan
      3. Select a date to begin. Should select first available
      4. Choose a provider. Enter 100% next to Pentegra
      5. A salary reduction agreement will appear to confirm you have elected to participate
      6. Don’t forget you will need to set up the account with the provider


    Please continue to section 2 if you already have a TDA/ORP account and would like to exchange or transfer that account into your new Pentegra account


    Section 2: Fill Out and Return the Following Forms


    *Please email, fax or mail the Pentegra enrollment application to:



    ATTN: 403(b) Services


    Regular Mail or Overnight Delivery

    Pentegra Trust Company

    c/o Pentegra Retirement Services

    ATTN: 403(b) Services

    701 Westchester Avenue Suite 320

    White Plains, NY 10604