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Decumulation – Strategies and Trends

Kate Blake By Kate Blake

Have you or your employees ever wondered about the most efficient ways of drawing down your retirement assets? Are you offering a plan with enough flexibility to meet the needs of your diverse employee group? With so many different puzzle pieces, it’s no wonder so many of us feel unsure.

Join us for a discussion on the details of decumulation.  We’ll help you piece together the puzzle surrounding forms of payment, taxes, asset allocation, and timing by diving into the details of each. We’ll show you how these different components of decumulation work together. We’ll discuss how employers and advisors can offer effective plan designs that allow employees to maximize their options, and throughout, we’ll weave in tips and food for thought for your employees to consider to help set them up for retirement success!


Kate Blake
Kate Blake

Based in New York, Kate works with clients throughout the country, helping them develop effective plan designs, manage plan level modifications, and build employee awareness and appreciation for retirement programs.