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Pension, Retirement & Markets: 5 Key Trends to Watch in 2020


Pension, Retirement and Markets: 5 Key Trends to Watch in 2020 highlights five trends in the capital markets and retirement industry which are expected to impact pension sponsors and retirees this year.  

  • U.S. Equity Market
  • What are some cautionary signs in 2020 after the 2019 rally
  • What are possible risk factors
  • Will “fundamentals” play a more significant role in 2020
  • Interest Rates
  • The shape of the Treasury yield curve 
  • How might rates impact impact savers and pension sponsors
  • The role and challenges of the Federal Reserve
  • Fiduciary Standard
  • How has it been impacted in 2018 and 2019
  • 2020 Outlook – SEC Best Interest (BI) Standard
  • SECURE Act
  • How will the SECURE Act affect the retirement industry
  • Pentegra view
  • Exchange traded funds (ETFs)
  • Review of ETFs
  • Will ETFs continue their rapid growth?