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PENTalk™ – Be the Fiduciary Outsourcing Expert

By Joe Reese
“Join us on a deep dive into how you can be a fiduciary outsourcing expert as we discuss fiduciary outsourcing trends…and how you can take advantage of it. Learn: Who is a good 3(16) prospect Key 3(16) due diligence questions The 30 second sales opener”


Joe Reese

Joe Reese is Regional Director at Pentegra, where he spearheads the organization’s business development efforts throughout Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia, including Washington D.C. An accomplished financial services industry veteran, Joe enjoys discussing fiduciary issues and is a valued resource for Pentegra’s advisor-partners. Pentegra’s long history as a fiduciary service provider, conflict-free open architecture investment platform and flexible, fiduciary outsourcing solutions allow him to bring an independent perspective and maximum flexibility to every opportunity. For more information or to share your fiduciary questions with Joe, contact him at Follow Joe on LinkedIn: Joseph Reese


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