Pentegra is a different kind


retirement provider


That’s because we’re a fiduciary first.

As one of America’s oldest independent fiduciarieswe help employers offer better retirement plans.

What Makes Us Different

Fiduciary is our DNA

Our heritage as a fiduciary guides everything we do. We’ve built an 80-year legacy of fiduciary expertise and oversight unmatched in the industry today.

We build better retirement plans

With every opportunity, our goal is to create retirement plans that run with less risk, greater efficiencies and improved outcomes.

We’ll fix what others fear

We’ll take on complex responsibilities that others won’t. We accept a higher level of responsibility and offer a greater degree of protection.

We’re independent

We have no conflicts of interest. We offer an objective perspective and focus on doing what’s best for you.

We’re a flexible partner

We partner with firms at the advisor, plan sponsor or enterprise level to bring maximum flexibility to every opportunity.

The peace of mind a professional on board provides

Our deep bench of tenured and professionally credentialed experts do their best work, so you can focus on doing yours.

The Pentegra SmartPath™

Our SmartPath™ thought leadership is all about achieving successful outcomes through best practice plan design and actions that drive retirement readiness.  

Building Blocks to Retirement

At Pentegra, we know it’s important to give you and your participants the tools you need to learn more about saving and investing for retirement.

Our Building Blocks tool is designed to make it even easier for you. Each section of our site focuses on different retirement education essentials – from retirement planning to investment strategies to revisiting your portfolio – the tools are right here.

That’s the Pentegra Education Advantage.
A partner focused on your success.