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Cash Balance Plans

A Powerful Retirement Savings Strategy

A cash balance plan is a defined benefit plan with a hybrid structure that combines features of both defined contribution and traditional defined benefit pension plans. It is often combined with a Solo(k) or 401(k)/Profit Sharing plan to maximize retirement plan contributions and realize tax benefits.

Pentegra offers a comprehensive array of creative plan design, strategic consulting, professional actuarial practice and end-to-end plan administration for your cash balance plan. Our unique structure affords complete independence and flexibility to work with all plan partners seamlessly, whether you are starting a new plan or have an existing program.

We take a thoughtful and creative approach to plan design, delivering highly customized solutions based on your needs. Our seasoned team of actuaries goes beyond number crunching to better understand the unique dynamics of your organization and how your cash balance plan can be maximized to best achieve your goals.

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