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Annual Pension Nondiscrimination Testing What you need to know to have a strategy in place!

Chuck Coldwell By Chuck Coldwell
Each year nondiscrimination testing must be performed on your Defined Benefit Plan. Do you have a strategy in place? The right plan design strategy can address potential testing failures. 

Join us on as we provide insights into what’s involved with nondiscrimination testing and what you need to know:

Satisfying the IRS Code
Contributing factors for plan testing failure
Plan design best practices

We will also provide some working examples that will help with the overall planning picture.


Chuck Coldwell
Chuck Coldwell

Chuck Coldwell is Vice President – National Director, Consulting and BOLI Services at Pentegra. He oversees Pentegra’s retirement services consulting, marketing and communications business development practice areas. In these roles, he works closely with Pentegra’s teams to develop strategic initiatives designed to enrich the client and participant experience and meet the ongoing needs of clients. He also leads Pentegra’s BOLI business development efforts, working with clients to design customized strategies for benefit financing using BOLI. A Qualified Pension Administrator (QPA), he holds a B.A. in Economics and Psychology.