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Coping with Market Volatility

By Ricardo Rodriguez

Market volatility can sometimes cause us to make emotional financial decisions. That may not be the best strategy when saving for retirement.

Join us as we discuss ways to help manage your investment strategy during times of market volatility, including:

  • Evaluating where you are & goal setting
  • Understanding risk tolerance and diversification
  • Rebalancing and how it may help you keep on course
  • Using tools to implement your strategy
With a better understanding as to how emotions can influence your investing, you can stay focused on your long-term goals and keep saving for the life you want in retirement.


Ricardo Rodriguez

Ricardo provides retirement plan education and enrollment meetings for participants nationwide. In this role he works with clients to develop targeted employee education and enrollment presentations designed to build employee awareness and appreciation for retirement savings programs and provide participants with the knowledge needed to make smart and strategic retirement savings and investment decisions.