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PENTalk™ – Defined Benefit Plans Are Making a Comeback – Here’s Why

Chuck Coldwell By Chuck Coldwell

For over 50 years, defined benefit pension plans served as the cornerstone to an employer’s retirement program.

The 80’s and 90’s saw most plans overfunded, with little to no out of pocket contributions.

Life changed in the 2000’s and beyond as the market struggled and liability interest rates hit rock bottom. These forces caused many employers to reconsider their plans, taking several different actions to reduce costs.  Plans were redesigned, others either soft frozen (eliminating new hires) or hard frozen.   

Today however, due to rising interest rates, beneficial regulatory pension relief, COVID induced changes in our work environment and the hiring challenges many employers face- the defined benefit plan can become a game changer for many employers.

Join us as we discuss: 

  • The hiring environment and talent shortage
  • Regulatory Pension Relief
  • Liability Driven Investing
  • Plan Design Options
  • Frozen Plans – Reconsiderations
  • Reexamining Your Retirement Program


Chuck Coldwell
Chuck Coldwell

Chuck Coldwell is Vice President – National Director, Consulting and BOLI Services at Pentegra. He oversees Pentegra’s retirement services consulting, marketing and communications business development practice areas. In these roles, he works closely with Pentegra’s teams to develop strategic initiatives designed to enrich the client and participant experience and meet the ongoing needs of clients. He also leads Pentegra’s BOLI business development efforts, working with clients to design customized strategies for benefit financing using BOLI. A Qualified Pension Administrator (QPA), he holds a B.A. in Economics and Psychology.